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Piedmont Horse Retirement is an family owned and family run horse retirement farm centrally located about 1 hour west of Washington, DC in the heart of Virginia's Horse Country. Our family, who has worked these farms for generations, has a strong equestrian background and years of experience in the horse retirement industry. Our family is actively involved in the farm and we are here to oversee the day to day operations. Piedmont Horse Retirement offers hundreds of acres of lush field board with trees and run in sheds for shade and safe fencing. All of the pastures are served by springs or streams and automatic waterers.
Piedmont Horse Retirement's standard monthly rate is $350. Automatic monthly payments are required. This monthly rate includes:
  • Eyes on your horse daily
  • High quality hay (alfalfa and orchard grass mix) throughout the winter and dry months
  • Seasonal deworming
  • Two trims per year (additional trims at cost of owner)
  • Optional blanket and fly mask service (blankets and fly masks to be provided by the horse's owner)
Grain service for your horse is available for an additional $225 per month. 
With hundreds of acres of pasture, our fields maintain their integrity and are never overgrazed. As a rule, we keep a minimum of 3 acres per horse.
Pasture Configuration
Horses are assigned a pasture based on their individual needs. We have fields with as few as 2 or 3 horses and others with groups as large as 20. We rotate based on factors such as:
  • Pasture health and maintenance
  • Whether the horse is on grain
  • Illness or injury
  • Horses' social needs (has the newcomer made friends?); we do our best to keep horses with their buddies
Water Sources
At Piedmont Horse Retirement, all of our pastures are served by both natural and automatic waterers. 
We offer abundant shade and shelter with run in sheds in every field. An optional blanket service is available to help protect your horse from the elements in times of inclement weather. We have stalls available in the event of an emergency.
Conveniently and centrally located just 1 hour west of our Nation's Capital, we are 45 minutes from Dulles Airport (IAD) and just over 1 hour from Regan International Airport. Our farm is just a few short miles off of Interstate 66, making for an accessible drive.
Situated in northern Virginia, our farm enjoys a mild climate with 4 distinct seasons.
Piedmont Horse Retirement is a family run field board facility. We have strong backgrounds in both equestrian sports and farming. Our part-time help consists of experienced horsemen and women.
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